Stephen Desaulniers working in his design studio

Hand Made Garments with a Focus on Quality & Details

Stephen Desaulniers was born on March 23, 1964 in a small northern Ontario town. From an early age he was always creating, building, redisigning and improving what was given to him. With that in mind it’s so easy to see why he was destined to begin his journey as an entrepeneur.

Unsatisfied with what other companies had to offer, Stephen decided to make a go with his own ideas. With only a dream to design and create beautiful clothes, this wunderkind has done just that. Using a Singer sewing machine and a little cotton Lycra his manifestations took shape. From his first pair of his own brand of underwear, because quite frankly other brands aren’t up to snuff, the company was started.

Designing activewear for active lifestyles was the beginning of things to come. As the his line increased so did the showroom and client base. Offering custom one of a kind designs he has tapped into a very special realm with something for everyone.

As the principal designer as well as president of this company Stephen ensures the very best with everything manufactured.

In a world full of fashion he’s managed to carve his very own niche.

Everywear is celebrating 20 years, and Stephen Desaulniers is excited to continue creating and supplying 100% Canadian made quality garments.